The Knowledge Box aims to empower women and marginalized youth; providing each participant with an edge in their personal development and the keys to financial independence through financial literacy. Our Knowledge Box Speakers consist of experienced financial professionals and successful careers in the corporate world; bringing to our webinar series a wealth of proven insight and experience. Ultimately, our belief is that upon completion of the webinar series Knowledge Box Scholars will ascertain the keys to unlock and achieve their financial goals. We are committed to finding ways to inspire Women and BIPOC youth to pursue financial industry careers like accounting, real estate, investment banking, and more. 

 Encouraging Equitable Entrepreneurship – through focused efforts to cultivate a mental fortitude and disciplined mindset for financial success while predominantly serving BiPoc youth and ALL women on essential start-up business challenges like pricing, creating cost cards, break-even, business plans, pitching, and assistance with finding/applying for payroll support to help pay payroll in the initial stages of a business.

• Provide FREE webinars covering a range of financial literacy topics, including Retail Banking, Intro To Investing, Personal Tax Planning, Mortgages, Leverage, Stock Investments, Cross-Generational Wealth Protection Tools, Will and Testament, POA’s & creating Personal/Family Financial Goals.

• Supporting BiPoc Financial Independence and Social Justice through comprehensive financial literacy resources with an emphasis on the best Personal Finance strategies and Social Enterprise business structures.

 “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

– Benjamin Franklin

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